Marilyn, Bette, Greta, Marlene, Liz, Gloria, Natalie, Lana, et al, are all fascinating. I never tire of them. For me, however, Joan Crawford and Judy Garland are the most interesting female movie stars to be created by Hollywood. I will get around to Judy some other day. This version of "My Favorite Things" is devoted to Lucille LeSeuer Fairbanks Tone Terry Steele. Also briefly known as Billie Cassin. Even more briefly known as Joan Arden. Forever stamped on the American onsciousness as Joan Crawford, Miss Big Fat Movie Star!

Miss Crawford is a complex figure. Some say she was an ogre: Monster Mother Emeritus. Others says she was the dearest, most thoughtful person in the world. Maybe she was both, and a lot more in between.

Joan Worship is a religion. For those of you who are members of the congregation, feast your eyes on some of these rare photos and graphics, many of them loaned to me by Ron and Howard Mandelbaum of Photofest in New York City.


In May of 1998, Christina Crawford toured the United States to promote the unedited version of her book "Mommie Dearest." At Town Hall in New York City, I was asked to re-create and lip-synch a recorded interview that Joan Crawford gave at Town Hall in 1973.

Here I am with Christina backstage at the event. When Christina and I realized that we were both wearing black outfits with glittery collars, we gasped, and Christina exclaimed, "Oh, my God! Mother-daughter outfits! Some things never change!"

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